sábado, outubro 30, 2010


Hey,what's your name? I think I like you come a little closer now........

...wait,what'd you say? Is that your girlfriend? think I'll be turning that around

Don't you wanna Don't you wanna Don't you wanna know What if would feel like...........

Let's be friends so we can make out you're so hot,let me show you around I see what I want And I wanna play Everyone knows I'm gettin' my way Doesn't matter what you say...

I'm knocking you down,down.down I'm knocking you down,down.down I'm knocking you down.....

There's no need to question my every intention Don't want no permission Don't need no ignition 'Cause I'm on a mission You've got my attention There's no need to mention the way the way you see 'Cause you're in my vision Now make a desicion, so take position 'Cause this,cause this is me
Cause we're down.down,down
I'm knocking you down,down.down

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